Stay Safe at Ardtara

Our Pledge to Stay Safe at Ardtara

At Ardtara we are exceeding our high standards of quality, cleanliness and with the current world situation, we have introduced new hygiene measures and rigorously adhering to government guidelines. We have prepared a detailed internal protocol and all our staff have gone through specific training and received PPE to use whist at work. With this in mind, we have adapted our house to welcome our guests with the same quality and safety as ever.  Here are some of the most important measures we have now in place:


On arrival

Our check in time is reduced at reception and you will be shown to your room as soon as possible.  We have disinfectant gel positioned in key areas of the hotel and a regular daily disinfection of contact objects will be carried out. Your key will be sanitised and left in your room.


In the restaurant

We have reduced our capacity in the restaurant to ensure we guarantee social distancing between all our guests.  Our menus will be discarded after use and reprinted for each one of our guests. Whenever possible the interaction between you and any serving staff will be reduced.  We encourage con-tactless payments through mobile apps such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay as well as Wireless Card payments.  We now offer table service at breakfast with the same quality products as before.


In your room

We take special attention to the cleanliness of the bedrooms and before any new arrival our room will be ventilated and our cleaning staff, while using adequate PPE, will have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected all the room including the bedroom keys, phones and tv remotes as well as all surfaces.  The next people to enter the room will be your party, and we will not go into the room again unless specifically asked to by yourselves.



We want to assure you that our team is ready to receive you with your safety in mind, without forgetting our usual warm welcome. We hope that with all these measures Ardtara keeps deserving your confidence and you let us provide you with our usual charm.